Unhappy with your current eCommerce conversion rate?

My proprietary eCommerce store review will diagnose why visitors are not converting and provide actionable solutions to implement.

Why does your eCommerce store need a conversion rate audit?

Because you have no idea why visitors aren’t purchasing – and that’s OK!

Lower CPA

Your target CPA is absolutely achievable by ensuring that each paid click to your site has the highest possible chance of converting to a sale.

Additional Sales

A higher conversion rate naturally equates to additional sales and revenue. What’s better than saving money? Making more of it!

More Time

Spend less time worrying about why visitors aren’t converting and more time focused on high-level, income-generating tasks.

What will a conversion rate audit do for your eCommerce store?

Simply stated – it removes any ambiguity as to why visitors to your site are not converting. Once this mysterious veil has been lifted your store will almost immediately see improved paid advertising performance in the form of CPA, additional revenue as you begin to convert more visitors to paying customers, and more time spent tackling revenue-generating ideas, not diagnosing an ailing site.

Meet the Conversion Rate Audit Report.

Get to know what the eCommerce conversion rate audit report is all about

Comprised of over 250 checkpoints, the audit will find any area of improvement on your site.

Every seemingly minute element of your site, from color palette to product photographs, is meticulously inspected against eCommerce best-practices. If there are any weaknesses on your site, it will be brought to your attention.

Every audit performed is backed by this guarantee – 100% of your purchase will be refunded if you’re not absolutely satisfied with your results.


The goal, and sole purpose of this report, is to convert more visitors into paying customers.

The focus of this audit is to increase conversion rates on your existing traffic, regardless of source or medium. This audit is best-suited for stores with a healthy flow of incoming traffic and struggle with its conversion rate. If your end-goal is to drive more traffic to your site this eCommerce conversion rate audit is not for you.

If your site’s cumulative conversion rate struggles to break 4.5% on a ‘bad’ day, you will be amazed at what this audit will do for your store.

Audit is performed on every responsive version of your site.

Your potential customers are accessing your store through various devices which display your store differently. Your conversion rate audit is performed across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Technology suite allows your site to be tested on hundreds of combinations of devices, operating systems, browsers, and resolutions.

Explore The Audit.

A more in-depth look at your audit and what’s included

The first deliverable of your audit is a real-time video of your site being audited.

What better way to kick off your site’s auditing process than with a video of your actual site? This deliverable is shared via a password-protected URL only available to you and other pre-approved personnel. This video is a real-time recording with a voice-over commentary of your site being reviewed and audited. It’s an excellent way to convey and easily communicate the changes which need to be made and for you to see any errors or issues in real-time.

In addition to your store being reviewed, your video will also contain footage of my proprietary software which allows you to watch your customers actually shop on your store. You’ll see how they’re interacting on your site, their actions just before leaving your store, and a heatmap of where on your site your visitors are paying the most attention and spending the most time. It really will blow your mind.

Your personalized list of actionable tasks; grouped by section and sorted by importance.

This bullet-point version of your video review is a no-frills, straightforward list of improvements to be made to your site and is designed to keep you and your team on-task.

Segmented Improvements

Your actionable list of improvements is broken down by the various aspects of your site (i.e. design, server, copy, creatives, etc.) to ensure the right employees/teams are tasked with appropriate projects.

Hierarchal Importance

Whether you're bound by budget or time constraints, your actionable list of improvements is sorted by level of importance and potential to affect the greatest possible net-positive results.

Enjoy access to a host of vetted and experienced experts in their fields to help implement your site improvements.

Whether you need a talented graphic designer, a responsive developer, or a copywriter with the gift of gab, your site audit comes with access to my list of industry professionals with whom I’ve worked with in the past. Save hours of time by no longer having to sift through the hundreds of freelancers and companies to find a trusted partner to execute your site improvements.

Your eCommerce store is not a set-it-and-forget-it entity; neither is my service.

Once we’ve reviewed your site improvements and you’ve hired one of my trusted industry professionals (or your in-house team/employee), I will schedule a follow-up session to review the changes you’ve implemented and the improvements you’ve noticed.


This followup is not handled by another employee, or an intern, or someone overseas. It's handed by me, the same person who performed your site's audit and who has a very intimate understanding of your store and business.

What's next on your agenda?

As mentioned previously, I consider each of my clients' stores to be like my own. Take this opportunity to discuss any major up-coming plans to take your store to the next level. I'd love to help in any way possible!

More than improving your site's conversion rates.

My years of experience as the Director of Operations for one of the largest beauty and cosmetics e-tailer has allowed me to become exceptionally experienced and skilled in honing operations processes, improving revenue streams, and cost-reduction strategies.

What area of your business is the most challenging? Think about this question for a moment. You might already have a project management application chalk-full of back-burner projects, or you might need to reflect on your business’ processes and costs to come up with this answer. I would love to help with any and every aspect of your business that can be improved upon.

Click here to schedule a day and time for your private consultation.

Other areas of expertise.

  • Multi-channel Selling
  • Inventory Management
  • Fulfillment Operations
  • Accounting
  • Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Warehouse Efficiencies
  • Advanced Reporting Solutions
  • Omnichannel Order Management
  • Product Feeds
  • Logistics


How Does This Work?

Getting your site’s conversion audit report is quick and easy

A three-step process ensures a very fast turnaround time

Upon receiving all necessary forms and information, your eCommerce conversion rate audit has a delivery time of as soon as 72 hours.

Get started right now!

1. Signup & New Client Form

As soon as your onboarding forms are received the audit process begins. You will be contacted if anything else is needed.

2. Hang tight

Depending on the package selected and the size of your site, your audit report deliverables will be in within 72 hours!

3. Deliverables & Follow Up

Incoming! Review your optimization improvements and schedule your complimentary follow-up call.

I don't like to brag, but...

My clients seem to really like what I had to say about improving their sites

When it comes to e-commerce Daniel knows what the hell he’s doing. Within four days of submitting the new client form we had our audit and 2 months later, after hiring one of Daniel’s recommended developers, our conversion rates went from a 30 day average of 1.2% to 4.8%. You’re leaving money on the table if you’re not working with Daniel.

Andy KnightChief Technology Officer

It’s hard to diagnose issues with your site when you’re the one who manages it on a day-to-day basis. Allowing Daniel to audit our site gave us an incredibly fresh perspective on our challenges and our site’s shortcomings.

Nathan EvansDirector of eCommerce

As the CMO for my company I am keenly aware of our Customer Acquisition Costs. Soon after noticing a ballooning trend in our AdWords CPA I hired Daniel for a full-scale site audit. The results were simply astounding – our Text Ads CPA went down 32% and Shopping Campaign CPA went down 66%.

Amber PalmerChief Marketing Officer

I was referred to Daniel by our eCommerce shopping cart as someone who can help improve our conversion rates. My experience with Daniel was outstanding. He was very communicative and delivered our audit on time. His video audit/review was great; it allowed us to see real-time issues with our site on a particular mobile device with a popular third-party browser. Outstanding!

David HogsteadeCommerce Manager


Why work with ConversionRateGuy

Am I the only CRO solution available? No. But I am the best choice for your project. Here’s why:

Industry Experience

Unlike other companies who might offer conversion rate optimization services as an additional service, it is what I solely focus on. It’s what I eat, sleep, and breathe. I have no other goal other than increasing your conversion rate.


The service I provide is identical to every other company offering ecommerce conversion rate optimization, but they’re charging 5-10X more, for the exact same thing! I believe every eCommerce store should have access to a quality service, regardless of budget.


My approach to improving your conversion rates is unique in that I’ve actually managed a massive eCommerce operation, unlike other companies who’ve never faced your challenges first-hand. I’ve been in your shoes and fully undersand your frustration.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I fully stand behind my service, skill set, and expertise. That’s why every audit comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. I wonder why other conversion rate optimization companies don’t offer the same thing….

Incredible Service; Awesome Pricing.

Transparent pricing means no surprises later on


One-time Optimization

  • - Single eCommerce Store Audit
  • - Single Video Review With Voiceover
  • - Single Actionable PDF Report
  • - 30 Minute Follow Up Call
  • - 10 Day Turnaround Time
Improve everything!


Always Be Optimizing

  • - Monthly eCommerce Store Audit
  • - Monthly Video Review With Voiceover
  • - Monthly Actionable PDF Report
  • - Monthly Strategy Calls
  • - Monthly Result Reports
  • - A/B Testing Site Features
  • - A/B Testing Site Design
  • - Monthly Performance Reports
  • - 10% Discount on any Additional Services
  • * Requires a 3 month commitment but will not be billed all-at-once
Be My Partner!

Looking for more help? — Operating and managing an eCommerce store is more than optimizing your site for conversions. There are: pick/pack/ship operations, accounting, inventory management, order management, multi-channel selling, product feeds, postage costs, logistics, purchasing, reporting, and the list goes on. If you find yourself needing guidance on any of the aforementioned areas, or something that was not listed, consultations are offered.
Schedule your private consultation with me now


Meet the Conversion Rate Guy!

This is my company and I treat each and every audit as if it were my own eCommerce store.


Hi, my name is Daniel and I am the managing director of ConversionRateGuy. Although my formal background is Accounting, I was hired as the Director of Operations for one of the largest multi-national beauty and cosmetics etailer in the world. During my time with that organization I was tasked with implementing a full-scale ERP, merging two wholly owned subsidiaries, designing and deploying scalable software architecture, and improving operational processes as it related to the eCommerce division. One of my most rewarding, yet challenging, experiences of managing an eCommerce store (as I’m sure you’re very well-aware of) was attaining the highly coveted, yet frustratingly elusive, 90 day average site-wide conversion rate of 9.4%… during the slowest months. Achieving a stellar conversion rate wasn’t as simple as writing about it on this page. My team of designers, developers, and myself spent months performing countless A/B tests on nearly every element of the site, across nearly every major device, operating system, browser, and screen resolution. My keen understanding of eCommerce best practices, thorough understanding of consumer behavior, and relentless testing allowed me to develop a set of skills specifically designed to improve eCommerce conversion rates. That’s how Conversion Rate Guy was created.

A bit about me, personally (I’m a real person, not just a guy with a snazzy site and stellar service). My wife and I love to travel – we most recently visited Ireland and fell in love with the history, food, and people. I am an avid golfer and will occasionally pick up a tennis racquet when the Mrs. can’t find someone else with whom to rally. I love playing chess, listening to historic non-fiction audio books, and spicy food!

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